1. Chris - What I Run Into says

    AMEN! “Food is neither a punishment nor a reward.” I wish some people I knew would believe this. There’s got to be more ways (?) to get it through thick skulls that food is there for your nourishment and enjoyment. I hate when I see someone post that they’re “cheating.” Ugh. Just allow yourself whatever you want to eat – just eat it at moderation.

  2. Mike H says

    I’ve done a Whole30 in the past and soon after became curious about the scientific research provided in the book, It Starts With Food. As I am a student studying nutritional science and currently work as a researcher, I decided to review the citations the authors provide for each chapter of the book and see if the science matched up with the claims being made.

    Unfortunately, I found that a majority of the cited claims were very misleading or completely false. This book can substantially mislead people about what a proper healthy diet looks like due to this inaccurate information. You can read some of my chapter reviews of the book here:

    The Whole30 approach to elimination and reintroduction of foods is also not appropriately designed in a way that would allow accurate and reliable identification of food sensitivities. For a more evidence-based approach to an elimination diet, you might want to try the one set out by Precision Nutrition found here:

    Elimination diets take a lot of time and commitment and shouldn’t be undertaken unnecessarily. Here are a few additional tips if you do decide to undertake one:

    1 – You don’t have to eliminate all these foods. If there’s one you think is causing you issues focus on that.
    2 – Beware the false positive! When you abstain from eating certain foods for a time, you lose certain enzymes and gut bacteria that aid in the digestion of these foods. Upon reintroduction, you may experience gastrointestinal “symptoms” that are really just due to the lack of said enzyme/bacteria. These will build back up over time as you continue to consume the food. Don’t needlessly eliminate an entire food group without THOROUGHLY testing yourself a number different times.

  3. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says

    This was a great interview! I know very little about the Paleo diet, so it’s great to hear from other people’s experiences. I did a 21 day reset recently to avoid excess sugar and it’s amazing how our body can get addicted to it. The recipes look delicious!

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