About Allie Fisher

Allie is the writer behind Sweet Potato Bites, which focuses on healthy recipes and living in the Orange County area. Allie also chronicles her running and crossfit adventures in her blog, and when she's not writing, she's a marketing consultant for a variety of brands in the fitness + food space. You can learn more about her over at alliefisher.com and follow along on instagram and twitter @socaliallie.


  1. Carlos Escalante says

    I agree, in addition the fittest man/woman in your country? I´m not sure about that, how can I compete myself with someone who works 12 or more hours per day? or who has 4 kids and a job? that´s the hardest WOD ever in addition they do crossfit, IT´S AMAZING what this people do. so it is not fair if I only have a part time job and no Kids,

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