Review: KIND Snack Bars & Gluten-Free Granola

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KIND Snack Bar Review (And Gluten-Free Granola, Too!)

I’m a sucker for a good, nutrient dense gluten-free bar and KIND Snack Bars are among my top favorites after Larabars and Larabar Uber bars. When I first started out with August product review month, my friend AJ at Confessions of A Fat Girl posted a pic of a KIND care package she received in the mail. I told her how much I love KIND and how awesome it would be to review them for August product review month and wa-la – AJ put me in touch with the KIND rep. That was very kind of her.

The KIND rep was also EXTREMELY kind and sent me a whole box full of yummy KIND Snack bars in some of their new flavors. I was overwhelmed at this box of goodness that arrived on our doorstep.

Kind Snack Bars & Kind Granola Box

By far one of the coolest packages I’ve received in the mail. It was like Christmas!

One of the most interesting KIND Snack Bar products in the box of goodies was their peanut butter granola. Now, granola is not something I’ve eaten really since becoming gluten-free but KIND granola is gluten-free. Say it ain’t so. I was pretty excited and went to the grocery store and bought some greek yogurt and blueberries. I sprinkled some Peanut Butter Granola on top of the greek yogurt and blueberries and it was bomb diggity. I go through phases with liking / not liking greek yogurt and right now I’m in a phase where I like it and want it for breakfast everyday. So the KIND peanut butter granola was perfect timing. I really enjoy this breakfast and it keeps me full throughout the morning. Yum yum.

Now, there were so many yummy KIND snack bars and different flavors in this box that it’s hard for me to zero in on just one. But two that particularly stood out to me were the Peanut Butter & Strawberry KIND Bar and the Kind Madagascar Vanilla Almond KIND snack bar. The Peanut Butter & Strawberry reminded me of eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but in nut form. Does that make sense? It makes sense to me in my head so I hope so! Here were some of the flavors the box included:

Kind Snack Bar - Peanut Butter & Strawberry Flavor

I also got dorky and made a table showing the different bars I got and my ratings. Check it out:

KIND Nuts & Spices, Madagascar Vanilla Almond KIND Nuts & Spices, Madagascar Vanilla AlmondKIND Nuts & Spices, Madagascar Vanilla Almond★★★★★This is one of my favorites. Love the vanilla almond flavor. It doesn't taste like artificial vanilla, either.
KIND Fruit & Nut, Peanut Butter & StrawberryKIND Fruit & Nut, Peanut Butter & Strawberry ★★★★★Another one of my favorites. Tastes like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on nuts instead of bread. I had this one a couple times as a mid-morning snack and dug it.
KIND Nuts & Spices, Dark Chocolate Chili AlmondKIND Nuts & Spices, Dark Chocolate Chili AlmondKIND Nuts & Spices, Dark Chocolate Chili Almond★★★★These are really yummy. I love the contrast of the dark chocolate with the chili. Only downfall is the chocolate melts easily and gets messy.
KIND PLUS, Blueberry Pecan + FiberKIND PLUS, Blueberry Pecan + Fiber KIND PLUS, Blueberry Pecan + Fiber ★★★These weren't my favorite, but I'm not a fan of blueberries unless they're actual blueberries.
Kind Bar Healthy Grains Clusters: Peanut Butter Whole GrainKind Bar Healthy Grains Clusters: Peanut Butter Whole GrainKind Bar Healthy Grains Clusters: Peanut Butter Whole Grain★★★★Loved these. So great to know I can have a gluten-free granola to have for breakfast. Loved this with greek yogurt and real blueberries.
KIND Nuts & Spices, Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea SaltKIND Nuts & Spices, Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea SaltKIND Nuts & Spices, Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt★★★These were yummy but I had the same issue with the chocolate. I did love the combo of the dark chocolate and sea salt.

As you will see from the chart above, the only thing I don’t like about the KIND bars with dark chocolate in them is that they melt pretty easily and can get messy quickly. For example, I chowed down on one during the mid-afternoon and then went outside to let my puppy go to the bathroom. I had some nice melted dark chocolate on the side of my face as I let my dog go potty and chatted with the neighbors. None of them said a word to me about the chocolate on my face. Awkward? I think so. Make sure you have a napkin handy when you eat those things. The other alternative is store them in the fridge but I find when I do that they end up being too hard for me to eat. But you may like them that way. Who knows. Everyone has their own personal preferences.

Since I had so many KIND bars, I decided to set a kind example and bring KIND snack bars to my soccer team as a snack for after the game. We lost 4-0 and were all a little down about it, but the Kind bars definitely lifted our spirits a bit (And made me feel like a team mom. Capri Suns, anyone?). Everyone was really into the different flavors and took their time picking the one they wanted. Here is a pic of my teammate Shawna picking her KIND bar:

Kind Snack Bars & Gluten-Free Granola

Shawna, my soccer teammate, picking out a KIND snack.

Overall I think I love KIND just a little bit more after trying all their various new assortment of flavors and their gluten-free granola. It made me think about doing a round up of all the gluten-free snack bars on the market, which I plan to put together a list sometime in the near future.

Have a KIND day!


What about you? Have you tried KIND bars? Do you like them? Why or why not? Post in the comments and let me know.

**Disclosure: As stated above, I received free KIND product in the mail. I ate some and I shared with friends. 


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