Is NutriSystem Gluten Free? Here’s What I Found Out.

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Is NutriSystem Gluten Free? Here’s What I Found Out.

Ever wonder if diet programs like Nutrisystem are gluten free? Recently I was approached by Nutrisystem to promote a summer sweepstakes they were having. I have always been interested in weight loss programs that take the guess work out of cutting calories and just give you a simple daily allotment of meals that you just have to eat and stick to and voila Рweight loss. They do all the calorie counting for you Рall you have to do is eat the food. But is it really all about calorie counting? For many just doing that may amount to weight loss. But not all of us. What about those of us with food allergies? Do programs like this work for people like us? I was determined to find out.

The prize for this Nutrisystem contest was a free 28 day meal program. A weight loss program like that is usually a pretty penny, so I was curious in learning more and finding out if Nutrisystem accommodated people like me who have a severe gluten allergy. I decided to go on their website and find out how they handle customers with food allergies. I couldn’t find the information I was looking for, so I launched their live chat. The agent was very nice and responded to me quickly. Here is what she had to say:

Is Nutrisystem gluten-free?

Bummer. While it seems like Nutrisystem does have some foods without gluten, it probably wouldn’t be a good option for someone with dietary limitations.

I really do like the idea of taking the guesswork out of weight loss and providing people with the right foods at the right portion amount to lose weight. However, I am not convinced this program would be beneficial for someone like myself who already eats healthy or for people with allergies. I am also not convinced there are enough fruits and vegetables and whole foods (aka REAL FOOD) on this type of program.

I wrote up my review for NutriSystem which is exactly what you read above, minus the sweepstakes links. Nutrisystem rejected my post several times and after the fourth time I just gave up and decided to cancel the sponsored post with them and post this information as is because I think people who are gluten-free and considering Nutrisystem should know what’s up here.

If you are reading this and are gluten-free and interested in Nutrisystem, I recommend you contact them to learn more about your dietary options. If you have tried NutriSystem, I would love to know what you think about their products.


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  1. says

    Thank you for letting us know! I had an Arbonne rep try to convince me their dietary stuff was low carb but couldn’t give me ingredients or nutritional information. I finally found some after a lot of digging and there is a ton of sugar/carbs.

    Nutrisystem definitely looks like it could be an easy win for a lot of people but not the GF peeps!

    • says

      Yeah, totally. It takes all the guesswork out of dieting. I think these types of programs catered to different dietary needs (gluten free, low carb, no sugar) will be the next big thing.

  2. says

    For someone who has never considered a commercial diet until recently, I never thought about dietary restriction and limitations. I agree that diet programs which cater to special dietary needs will probably pop up in the near future. I do hope it’s from someone with REAL knowledge instead of someone who just wants to profit from it.

  3. Mary Ann Griffin says

    I am on the Nutrisystem diet right now for the second time. The first time I did absolutely amazing. No problems and lost 70 lbs. That was about 7 years ago. I just started back up exactly one week ago today and am having bloating issues. I recently learned I have a gluten allergy and didn’t think of that when ordering nutrisystem. I am 9 lbs down in my first week but I am also miserable. I am considering not ordering again. I can’t stand this feeling and looking like I’m 9 months pregnant after eating.

  4. says

    About 3 years ago I tried the diet, but due to the high sodium content with all of the prepackaged foods, it triggered my Meneires Disease. I lost a few pounds before I had to quit due to the high sodium and fluid retention. Now that I’ve been diagnosed with Celiac Disease just recently, I was curious if they had made any healthy changes to the plan which led me to your review. Thank you for finding out the information which you posted above.

What do you think? Post in the comments and let me know.